Emi Schaufeld

A woman is magically forced to repeat the same date over and over again until she can make it go perfectly.

Director's statement:

Our Second First Date is a film about modern romance and dating rituals. We live in a world where so much about our lives is publically available online, where anyone can learn anything about us instantly.  And what do we do this this knowledge? Often we feign ignorance. 

Betty tells me she went on this extravagant vacation to the Bahamas and I say, "Oh cool, did you have fun?"

Of fucking course I know she had fun. She posted a picture of herself on the beach every fifteen minutes for two weeks. 

But you don't say that, you say, "Oh cool, did you have fun?"

This film takes place in the world of today where you stalk every social media account the person you are going on a tinder date has and once you're in the restaurant, bar, e-sports tournament, etc. you pretend you know nothing. This film is about the consequences of these small, white lies and learning how to make a genuine human connection.